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Chelsie Cosmetics is a Brand Founded By Geormi Dikila. Chelsie Cosmetics is one of the fastest-growing beauty brands to come out of 2018 in the UK. Geormi wanted people to have good quality eyelashes but at a good price. she also wanted people to save their money by learning how to maintain their lashes and to actually wear your lashes for more than 20 times. Each eyelash comes with an eyelash brush to help you maintain it and leaving it new. the eyelash packaging was designed to be able to put the eyelashes back after using to help keep the eyelash safe and fresh. 

Chelsie Cosmetics later extended her lash line by launching The Neon palette in 2019. Geormi believes all her extended products should be Vegan and no animal cruelty. The pigment is something we thrive for in all of our products.


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