the birth of chelsie  cosmetic' s

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Meet Geormi dikila

Geormi Dikila is a young single parent from London who woke up in the middle of the night one day and decided she wanted to start a cosmetics line. in the process of Geormi studying the cosmetics world, she was shocked about the number of people that were willing to pay  a fortune for a pair of lashes and they would have to re-buy them after only been used once or twice.  Geormi wanted people to get good quality Lashes at the right price but she also wanted to ensure that the lashes she produced will be worn over 20 times. 

she ensured this by starting with the packaging of the eyelashes. The packaging of the eyelashes is designed to be a good storing place to be able to keep the shape of the lashes. Each lash comes with a free pair of an eyelash brush to help maintain your lashes. 
chelsie cosmetics was funded in 2018 were the brand main products were lashes. in 2019 she extended her lash line and released a neon palette. it was important to her that all her extended products were very highly pigmented and also vegan. 

we as a company stand strong on animal cruelty, we also measure the public that no animals are harmed during the process to retrieve the hair for the raw mink lashes.